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Ports are complex work areas with numerous safety risks. These risks increase as the maintenance of the structure lags behind and existing structures are affected, for example by long-term intensive use and corrosion. This includes sheet piles, crane rails, fenders, bollards and other quayside equipment.

Quayconsult is specialized in assessing and monitoring quaysides, sheet piles, fenders, and crane rails, both through non-destructive testing and visual inspections. 

Sister company BollardScan is a world leader in testing the structural integrity of bollards.The expertise of both companies results in safer port operations.

In our view, maintenance should be based on hard data instead of theoretical models. All our inspections aim to reduce security risks and to keep the port facilities as available as possible. Without any doubt both aspects are of great importance to both owners and port authorities.

What does Quayconsult offer: